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Catalysing Kingdom Communities


Our priority is to learn more about your church or organisation - what works well and areas you want to develop. We're also interested in learning about your approach to any of the HeartEdge Four C's.  Interested in becoming a member? We'll invite you to complete our Snapshot. The Snapshot helps you to tell us about the work going well and areas you want to develop.


HeartEdge is about making connections - enabling your church or organisation to nurture useful links with others who share your interest. Our big focus is the Four C's - and helping churches and organisations develop in these areas. HeartEdge helps to nurture links via bespoke conferences and events, enabling you to share your learning with others.


Within the HeartEdge network of churches and organisations we've a growing range of knowledge, experience and expertise. We work to connect those with the useful ideas, knowledge and experience directly to you. This is about building a fairly bespoke resource to help you to link to the useful help and support 


HeartEdge is focused around Four C's that make up key themes, helping shape the agenda for our gatherings and events. Rooted in practical theology some of our gatherings are half days focused around a specific area, digging into detail and assume some expertise - other events explore topics more broadly - a great jumping on point for beginners. All our events are hosted and led by practitioners - people active in the area they're speaking about.


Share news about your events, resources or stories - the learning from things that have worked or  haven't. You can tell your story and circulate your news via this website to include in our monthly mailer. As HeartEdge grows so will opportunity to share insights and ideas to a wider community. We're looking to establish web based resources to share stories, tactics, tips as well requests for prayer. 


HeartEdge is a growing network of churches and organisation that benefit from the participation and contribution of all our members. Learn about our membership, our members own stories and how to join HeartEdge by downloading the membership pack.

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